Signs That Your Child Has Allergies
boy itching eyes

Itchy eyes may be a sign that your child suffers from allergies.


It's spring, and you are wondering if your little one's sneezes will spread when she joins her friends at play. Or it is autumn, and your child's teacher suggests a couple sick days at home for your young one's symptoms.

Or winter, or summer...because that's just the thing: allergies can occur anytime. If your child seems to get ill more often than average, maybe it is time to ask if they suffer from allergies.

Allergy Frequency

According to statistics from a 2010 Center for Disease Control (CDC) survey of US residents (the most recent data available):

  • 7.1 million ( 9.5%) of children reported hay fever
  • 8.6 million (11.5%) reported respiratory allergies
  • 3.4 million (4.6%) reported food allergies
  • 9.4 million (12.6%) reported skin allergies

You can see from the percentages that allergies are still the exception rather than the rule. But allergies, which can range from annoying to life threatening, certainly rule the lives of those who suffer them.

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