Battle Allergy Season Naturally By Cutting Your Stress!

It seems that during allergy season, which is certainly close at hand, a large majority of the public is so dosed up on antihistamines that they wouldn't know left from right. But a new study from Ohio State University Medical Center in this month's edition of Natural Awakenings claims that allergies can be helped by reducing your stress level. We all know that stress can lead to poor health, but now it's being extended to the sniffling and sneezing that goes along with allergy season. Antihistamines don't deal with this delayed condition that's caused by a weakened immunity. This is pretty critical when you take into account that allergies are the fifth most common chronic disease in the United States with medical costs reaching $3.4 billion per year.

So how do you reduce the stress and anxiety that leads to weakened immunity?

Check out my tips to cutting the stress and beating allergy season:

Eat Stress-Free

A very important component of being stress-free is one that people don't often take into consideration: food. Researchers have been studying how food affects stress levels for some time now. Why don't we take a hint from their research and eat some anti-stress foods? Read Elizabeth Seward's guide to 5 Stress-Reducing Foods.

Make a Green Sanctuary

To really make reflection and meditation a part of your life, you need to make room for it. That means making a sanctuary all your own?a place with inspirational books, tons of detoxifying plants, soy candles, and comfortable seating. Read my guide to making your own green sanctuary.

Try Green Treats to Keep Sanity in Check

Hard economic times like these are often marked with a rigid, austere mentality and a life full of work and no play. But the thing is, that's not what life's about and though we may get caught in the fear of losing our jobs and not being able to survive, what's the point if we're unhappy. I try and enjoy simple pleasures daily. Learn more by reading my guide to dealing when economic times are tough by finding inexpensive green treats to keep sanity in check.

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