Use the chart below to find the kind of allergy medicine you're taking or thinking about taking to help control your allergies. The chart lists the most common types of allergy medications used to treat symptoms of nasal allergies. See Other Allergy Medication to find out more about nasal sprays, etc.


brand generic
Optimine azatadine
Dimetane (OTC) brompheniramine
Reactine, Zyrtec cetirizine
Chlor-Trimeton (OTC) chlorpheniramine
Tavist (OTC) clemastine
Periactin cyproheptadine
Polaramine dexchlorpheniramine
Benadryl (OTC), Benadryl Allergy, Various diphenhydramine
Allegra fexofenadine
Atarax, Vistaril hydroxyzine
Claritin (OTC) loratadine
Nolahist phenindamine
Phenergan promethazine
Pyribenzamine (PBZ) tripelennamine
Zyrtec (OTC) cetirizine
Intranasal Antihistamines
brand generic
Astelin azelastine
Patanase olopatadine
brand generic
Vicks Vatronol ephedrine (Available OTC as nasal spray or drops)
Afrin, Dristan Long-acting, Neo-Synephrine Maximum Strength, Vicks Sinex Long-Lasting, 4-Way Long Lasting oxymetazoline (Available OTC as nasal spray or drops)
Dristan Fast-Acting, Neo-Synephrine (pediatric, mild, regular, and extra strength formulas), Vicks Sinex phenylephrine (Available OTC as nasal spray or drops)
Drixoral Non-Drowsy, Sudafed, Children's Sudafed pseudoephedrine (OTC)
brand generic
Dimetapp, Vicks Dayquil brompheniramine, phenylpropanolamine
Triaminic chlorpheniramine, phenylpropanolamine
Allerest, Chlor-Trimetron, Contac, Sudafed Plus chlorpheniramine, pseudoephedrine
Tavist-D clemastine, phenylpropanolamine
Drixoral Cold and Allergy dexbrompheniramine, phenylpropanolamine
Benedryl Decongestant diphenhydramine, pseudoephedrine
Actifed triprolidine, pseudoephedrine
Zyrtec-D cetirizine, pseudoephedrine
brand generic
Allegra-D fexofenadine, pseudoephedrine
Claritin-D loratadine, pseudoephedrine
Intranasal Corticosteroids
brand generic
Beconase, Vancenase beclomethasone
Rhinocort budesonide
Nasarel, Nasalide flunisolide
Flonase fluticasone
Nasonex mometasone furoate
Nasacort triamcinolone
Omnaris ciclesonide
Cromolyn sodium-intranasal
brand generic
Nasalcrom cromolyn sodium

New antihistamine medications are being brought onto the market all the time. This list is a sampling of some of the antihistamines available.

Written by Karen Serrano, MD
Emergency Medicine resident at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Reviewed by Lisa V. Suffian, MD
Instructor of Clinical Pediatrics in the Division of Allergy and Pulmonary Medicine at Saint Louis Children's Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, Saint Louis University
Board certified in Allergy and Immunology

Last updated June 2008