Indoor Allergies

Dust mites, mold and other allergens can live in your home or workplace. Get tips and information on how to reduce indoor allergies and improve indoor air quality.

Fascinating Facts About 5 Common Household Allergens

Which allergies can your kids outgrow? Is there any such thing as a cat or dog that will not cause allergic reactions in sensitive people? Learn the answers to these questions and more fascinating facts about five common household allergens.

Is it possible to completely get rid of dust mites?

Dust mites are eight-legged creatures that don't bite or cause illness. But because they're so tiny and live in dust particles, they can be tricky to avoid no matter how often you clean your home.

Allergen Hide and Seek: Learn How to Locate and Kill Household Allergens

There are a lot of ways to keep unwelcome guests out of your home, but what about the ones that make you sneeze? Here, we'll help you learn how to locate and kill household allergens.

Top 5 Household Allergens That Are Living Right Under Your Nose

When you're suffering from allergies, there's nothing you want to do more than hide under your covers. Too bad that's the wrong move -- there are a host of allergens breeding and growing in your home.

At-home Solutions to Cleaning Your House from Allergens

Anyone with allergies can tell you, the sneezing and watery eyes that come with them are no fun. Luckily, there are at-home solutions to cleaning your house from allergens.

Is house dust bad for allergies?

House dust is the most common cause of asthma and other allergic reactions. Learn more about why house dust is bad for allergies from this article.

Should people with allergies and/or asthma own carpeting?

People with allergies and/or asthma can own carpeting if they select the right kind and clean it often. Find out more about allergy-friendly carpeting in this article.

What are some signs of alternaria mold allergies?

Alternaria is a type of mold that commonly causes allergic reactions. Learn about signs of alternaria mold allergies in this article.

What house plants can cause allergies?

People can be allergic to pollen, mold or other substances. Learn which house plants can cause allergies in this article.

What are some dust allergy symptoms?

Dust allergies can be caused by dust mites, animal dander or fungus. Learn about dust allergy symptoms in this article.