Ways to Prevent Cancer

Being active and limiting your intake of processed foods can help reduce your risk of cancer.

Erik Isakson/Getty Images

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases to modern society. It's a random killer given a face in the thousands upon thousands of victims it takes or affects each year. Collectively, we fear cancer. We fear that we already know the grim prognosis every time we experience abnormal symptoms for any duration of time. There are things we can do to battle this disease.

Early detection through regular screenings is the best strategy for beating cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research has been looking at evidence linking cancer prevention to nutrition, fitness and weight management. Their report, published in 2007, represents five years of work. Findings are based on the collaboration of hundreds of experts and thousands of studies, and certainly bring to light the essence of PureHealth. Evidence proves that striving for optimal health through weight management, proper nutrition and regular exercise will decrease your risk for cancer. Experts feel that one-third of cancer can be prevented by improved lifestyles. Use these principles and apply them to your life today starting with the tip on the next page.