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We all get backed up sometimes. Usually it's with work, but sometimes it's something a bit more embarrassing. In those awkward moments, we could rush out and buy a package of chocolate-covered laxatives or some herbal teas or other medicines, but there is a method that doesn't have or need any packaging. That method is massage, and it can be done completely waste free. Hopefully, the only thing leaving behind waste will be you.

Pre-industrial civilizations used massage to treat a number of different ailments. Those methods still work today. Here is a list of those ailments that massage can treat.

From the Better Health Channel:


Back pain

Chronic pain




High blood pressure


From Ground Report:

Starting just under the rib cage, working down and out towards the waist. Be careful to keep your hands relaxed and contoured to your partner. With one hand on top of the other iron around the lower abdomen in large circles. Keep the pressure light and even. Fan your hands out and work from the navel out to the waist. Slide your hands under the waist then gently pull them back round to the front again. Repeat several times. Stroke diagonally with alternate hands from the waist down to below the navel, first on the left side, then on the right. Stroke down from the solar plexus to the navel, one hand behind the other, to finish off this area.

For those of you who learn by watching, here is a tutorial on how to give a proper Lomi Lomi Opu Huli, a Hawaiian abdominal massage.

Remember, this blog is not a doctor. If your constipation is severe, seek medical attention.