Musculoskeletal conditions affect the movement of the body through the muscles, joints, ligaments or bones. Learn about common ailments here.

Do you know the most commonly broken bones?


Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder is a stiffening, or loss of elasticity, of the ligaments that attach the upper arm bone to the shoulder bone, prohibiting movement of the joint. Learn about the causes of frozen shoulder and what you can do to thaw it out.

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  • Tennis Elbow
    Tennis Elbow

    Tennis elbow is a simple title for an issue with a much longer name, lateral epicondylitis. Learn how to get back in the game by treating the pains of tennis elbow. See more »

  • The Iliotibial Band
    The Iliotibial Band

    The iliotibial band (ITB) is a strong, fibrous covering over the outside of the thigh muscles. Learn about pain related to the iliotibial band. See more »

  • When to Play Through Pain
    When to Play Through Pain

    When an athlete sustains injury on the field, he must decide whether continued participation will result in further injury. Learn about gauging the severity of a sport-related injury and when to play through pain. See more »

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