Heart Attack Videos
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Body Invaders: Heart Attack Signs, Symptoms, Risks
Learn the risk factors that accompany a heart attack and how to prevent them in this video from Discovery Health's Body Invaders.
Body Invaders: Heart Attack Signs, Symptoms, Risks
Learn the risk factors that accompany a heart attack and how to prevent them in this video from Discovery Health's Body Invaders.
Cholesterol Markers
Watch this video about cholesterol markers on HowStuffWorks. Researchers are developing a new tool to detect dangerous plaque deposits before they cause heart attacks and stroke. See how cholesterol markers work in this video from ScienCentral.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: Abnormal EKG
A new French study shows there may be a link between "sudden heart death" and a common abnormality that shows up on an EKG. Check out this video to learn more about EKGs and heart problems.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: LDL Cholesterol
A new Belgian study indicates that people with higher levels of LDL are at a greater risk of developing serious heart problems. Take a look at this Discovery Health clip to learn more about LDL cholesterol.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: Signs of a Heart Attack
Would you know if you were having a heart attack? Watch this video from Discovery Health to learn the warning signs of an imminent heart attack.
Deadliest Catch: Brother Against Brother
The stress of Captain Phil's condition takes its toll on Jake and Josh.
Deadliest Catch: Critical Condition
After Capt. Phil's collapse, Josh and Jake wait anxiously at the ER at the Saint Paul Health Center.
Deadliest Catch: Josh's Quandary
Josh Harris wants to be with his critically ill father but he also knows that a Harris must stay with Cornelia Marie.
Deadliest Catch: Phil Collapses
As the Cornelia Marie crew is finishing an off-load, engineer Steve Ward discovers that Captain Phil has collapsed in his stateroom.
Diet Doctor: What is Metabolic Syndrome?
FitTV's Diet Doctor explains what metabolic syndrome is and how it affects your overall health.
Discovery News: The Lorax was Right
Will and champion trick shooter Tom Knapp have a huge blast with a big bore blunderbuss.
Extreme Bodies: Obesity Heart Attacks
On Discovery Channel's "Extreme Bodies," meet an ex-sumo wrestler who is constantly at great risk of a heart attack due to his weight.
Heart Attack Repair
Watch this video about repairing damaged heart tissue on HowStuffWorks. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found that stem cells from bone marrow that can help repair tissue after a heart attack. See how heart attack repair works in this video f
Heart Effects
Is it possible to treat hypertension in the heart and clear up scarring around the heart muscle with the same medicine? Watch this University of Florida research video to learn how doctors and scientists are excited about a new breakthrough.
Heart Issues Among Hispanics
Watch this video about heart complications among the Hispanic population on HowStuffWorks. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), among Hispanic adults age 20 and older, nearly 35 percent of Hispanic women have cardiovascular disease. Hispanic
How Heart Bypass Operations Work
Since the heart is a muscle, it relies on the oxygen and nutrients contained in blood. This blood is supplied by arteries on the exterior of the heart -- when these arteries are blocked, a heart attack results.
Robert Fischell on New Heart Technologies
Watch this video about new heart technologies on HowStuffWorks. Robert Fischell, inventor of the re-chargeable pacemaker, discusses three new inventions that will change the lives of people with heart problems. Learn about new heart technologies in this v
Swamp Loggers: Workout Equipment
Bobby heads home to take care of what could be a lifesaving delivery.
Tips to Recognizing a Heart Attack
Watch this video about heart attacks on HowStuffWorks. Chances are good that you know at least one woman who's at risk for heart disease, the number one killer in the U.S. And yet, 80% of heart disease cases are preventable. See how heart attacks in women
Transplant with Dr Oz: Linda's Long Wait for a Heart
After a heart attack, Linda had 80 percent of her heart removed and has been awaiting a heart transplant match for 18 months. The average wait is 9 months. Listen to her story in this clip from Discovery Health's "Transplant with Dr. Oz."
Vascular Therapy In-Depth
Watch this video showing how vascular therapy works on HowStuffWorks. Close Up TV features Dr. David Cohen of Circulatory Care of New Jersey and his research with catheter-based therapies to prevent and treat vascular diseases. See how vascular therapy wo
Virtual Video Training: Preacher Curl
Learn how to do preacher curls to tone biceps.
What are the Odds? Heart Attack
What are the odds you will die of a heart attack? Learn more about heart attacks and heart disease in this video.
Your Heart and Arteries
Watch this video about your heart and arteries on HowStuffWorks. Scientists are searching for a gene that causes aneurysms, and what effect it may have on other areas of the heart. Learn about your heart in this video from ScienCentral.