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American Chopper: First-Day Fab
After reviewing Jason's design, Mike and Rick find a frame and begin fabrication -- along with Jim and Senior -- on the Veterans Airlift Command Bike.
Bizarre ER: Pole in Pregnant Woman
While 8-month pregnant Jessie was cleaning, she fell over the second-story bannister, landing on a mike stand that impaled her in the chest.
Body Invaders: Anaphylaxis and Allergy Attacks
Hear the horrific stories of these allergy sufferers who experienced an attack that led to anaphylaxis in this video from Discovery Health's "Body Invaders."
Body Invaders: Arthritis Test
As seen on the Discovery Health series "Body Invaders", Kat Carney has been having hip pain. Could it be arthritis?
Body Invaders: Chiropractic Therapy
From the Discovery Health series "Body Invaders", a pianist seeks chiropractic therapy to treat her excruciating backaches.
Body Invaders: Cholesterol 101
As seen on the Discovery Health series "Body Invaders", find out how cholesterol can affect your heart
Body Invaders: Dust Mites Exposed
From the Discovery Health series "Body Invaders", dust mites are exposed as one of the most common sources of household allergens. Learn more about dust mites.
Body Invaders: Headache Causes
From the Discovery Health series "Body Invaders", Dr. Gil Spierings explains common causes of headaches.
Body Invaders: Heart Attack Signs, Symptoms, Risks
Learn the risk factors that accompany a heart attack and how to prevent them in this video from Discovery Health's Body Invaders.
Body Invaders: Pacemakers
Like hundreds have each year, Nancy, a Boston sculptor with arrhythmia, has had a pacemaker implanted in her body to regulate the supply of oxygen to her heart. Learn more about pacemakers in this video from Discovery Health's "Body Invaders."
Brushing Your Teeth Reduces Strokes
Watch this video showing how brushing your teeth can reduce the risk of a stroke on HowStuffWorks. Learn about new research showing that brushing your teeth regularly may decrease your risk of stroke and heart disease in this video from ScienCentral.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: Abnormal EKG
A new French study shows there may be a link between "sudden heart death" and a common abnormality that shows up on an EKG. Check out this video to learn more about EKGs and heart problems.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: Calcium Buildup
In this video, Discovery Health and the Cleveland Clinic bring you health related news stories for living smart, well and healthily. Take a look to learn more.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: Diet Pills and Heart Disease
Check out this clip from Discovery Health and the Cleveland Clinic to learn more about the diet pill that may help prevent heart disease.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: Heart Failure in Adults
Each year, more and more adults are suffering from heart failure. But fewer are experiencing the long term complications. Check out this clip from Discovery Health to find out why.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: Heart Failure Rates Rise
Take a look at this Discovery Health video to learn how a new study indicates that testing for a specific protein in the blood may help signal the severity of heart failure.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: LDL Cholesterol
A new Belgian study indicates that people with higher levels of LDL are at a greater risk of developing serious heart problems. Take a look at this Discovery Health clip to learn more about LDL cholesterol.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: Lower Your Risk of Stroke
In this clip, Dr. Michael Roizin explains how taking walks can lower your risk of having a stroke. Check out this clip from Discovery Health to learn more about lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: Signs of a Heart Attack
Would you know if you were having a heart attack? Watch this video from Discovery Health to learn the warning signs of an imminent heart attack.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: The DASH Diet
The overall benefits of the "DASH" diet are discussed in this clip from Discovery Health. Check out the video to learn more about nutrition and dieting.
Dr. Oz's Holiday Tips
During the holidays, more people tend to have fatal heart attacks. Learn how to keep your heart healthy over the holidays in this video from Discovery.
Exploring Time: Arrhythmia Test
Arrhythmias are the most common cause of death in the United States. Learn more about how doctors are studying arrhythmia on the Science Channel's "Exploring Time."
Exploring Time: Heart Beat
The heart must always keep a steady beat. Learn about the heart and how it functions on The Science Channel's "Exploring Time."
Exploring Time: Protein Folding
Learn what protein folding is and its importance to science on the Science Channel's "Exploring Time."
Exploring Time: Virtual Heart
See this mathematical model of the heart which responds to whatever is thrown its way. Learn more on this virtual heart on The Science Channel's "Exploring Time."
Gurus to Go: Open Heart Mantra
Learn how to breath properly to relax your heart.
Health Tips: Chronic Reflux
If you're dealing with chronic reflux then you might want to watch this clip for treatment tips.
Health Tips: Managing Rheumatoid
Find out how this young woman manages living with rheumatoid arthritis.
Health Tips: Preventing Reflux
Stop it before it begins. Here are some helpful tips on preventing acid reflux.
How Heart Bypass Operations Work
Since the heart is a muscle, it relies on the oxygen and nutrients contained in blood. This blood is supplied by arteries on the exterior of the heart -- when these arteries are blocked, a heart attack results.
How Prayer Healing Works
Studies have shown that prayer has a positive effect on individuals, but can your prayer heal someone else? Check out this HowStuffWorks podcast to find out how science weighs in on the power of intercessory prayer -- and if it should at all.
Link Between Gum Health and Heart Health
Watch this video about the link between gum health and heart health on HowStuffWorks. A study finds that people with periodontitis have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Learn about the relationship between your gums and heart in this video f
Managing Diabetes
How does she do it? Find out how this patient managed living with her diabetes for 10 years.
MythBusters: The Treacherous Toilet
Little did Jamie Hyneman know that replicating the infamous Lethal Weapon "toilet bomb" scene could cause such pain, not to mention serious medical issues.
National Body Challenge: Warning Signs of Diabetes
Watch this clip from Discovery's National Body Challenge to learn about the warning signs of diabetes.
Oddities: Heart Circulation Instrument
In search of additions to Obscura's inventory, Evan and Mike take a trip to view a heart-circulation instrument, but with disappointing results.
Rivals: Team McLaren
The rivalry takes on a new dimension with both drivers competing in the same team.
Rivals: The Route To F1
How both drivers made their way to the race tack with different backgrounds and abilities.
Rivals: Unexpected End
In a twist of fate, the bitter rivalry comes to an unexpected end.
Robert Fischell on New Heart Technologies
Watch this video about new heart technologies on HowStuffWorks. Robert Fischell, inventor of the re-chargeable pacemaker, discusses three new inventions that will change the lives of people with heart problems. Learn about new heart technologies in this v
Shark Bites: Heartbeats
In this Discovery Channel clip, Les Stroud finds out if sharks can detect victims by the sound of their heartbeats.
Surgery Saved My Life: Allison's Heart Condition
Doctors say Allison's ill-positioned heart is a time-bomb in her chest. Learn about her condition in this clip from "Surgery Saved My Life" on Discovery Channel.
Surgery Saved My Life: Allison's Surgery
In this video segment from Discovery Channel's "Surgery Saved My Life," Dr. Jaquiss finds that getting to Allison's heart will be as challenging as operating on the heart itself.
Transplant with Dr Oz: DJ Needs a Heart
On Discovery Health's "Transplant with Dr. Oz," learn about an infant who was born with a rare heart condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He has been waiting 97 days for a heart transplant.
Understanding: Organ Donors
Today, organs are shipped to different hospitals in a cooler, but the organs don't always survive. On TLC's "Understanding," learn how scientists are figuring out a way to extend the life of a removed organ.
VAD Heart Pump
Watch this video about the VAD on HowStuffWorks. This NASA Destination Tomorrow Segment is about the DeBakey Heart Pump designed by NASA engineers that extends the life of heart failure patients. Learn how the VAD works in this video from NASA Destination
Your Heart and Arteries
Watch this video about your heart and arteries on HowStuffWorks. Scientists are searching for a gene that causes aneurysms, and what effect it may have on other areas of the heart. Learn about your heart in this video from ScienCentral.