The Human Body
The human body is an incredible machine. Take a look at the anatomy and physiology at play in your bones, skin and everything in between.
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Writer and adventurer Jeff Wise explains the biology of an adrenaline rush, an ancient evolutionary response that gives us temporarily "superhuman" control over our bodies and brains.
Adrenaline Lab: Jeff Wise Explains Adrenaline's Power
Writer and adventurer Jeff Wise explains the biology of an adrenaline rush, an ancient evolutionary response that gives us temporarily "superhuman" control over our bodies and brains.
Assignment Discovery: The Ice Mummy
In 1991 skiers found a frozen corpse buried in the Ötztal Alps on the border between Austria and Italy. Scientists investigate the ice mummy on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Dark Matters: Sound of Death
When French scientist Vladimir Gavreau finds his laboratory flooded with a mysterious energy that has debilitating effects on the human body, his research is taken in a menacing new direction. Did he invent a new type of weapon of mass destruction?
Extreme Bodies: Fat Distribution
A man's body will store fat differently than a woman's body. Learn how the distribution of fat poses different risks for obese men and women on Discovery Channel's Extreme Bodies."
Extreme Bodies: Obesity Aches and Pains
The human skeleton is not designed to carry a significant amount of weight. When one is morbidly obese, the body starts to get run down. Learn about the aches and pains an obese person will experience on Discovery Channel's "Extreme Bodies."
Extreme Bodies: Redesigning the Human Digestive System
Bariatric surgery is designed to redesigned the human digestive system. This will help the body survive in an era of high calorie foods and inactivity. Meet a man who describes his successes with bariatric surgery on Discovery Channel's "Extreme Bodies."
How It's Made: Regenerative Medicine
Scientists are working on providing human "replacement parts" like fingers, ears, and bladders. Find out how the stuff of science fiction becomes a man-made reality.
Human Body: Bone Strength
After being pulled out of his home by a tornado, a man lands in a nearby field with no significant injuries. The strength of his bones protected him. Bones' resiliency is discussed in this Discovery Channel video.
Human Body: Built for Survival
How does one of the most ancient parts of the human mind keep us alive in the most desperate situations? Learn how the human body alters itself to increase the probability of survival in this Discovery Channel video.
Human Body: How Polygraph Tests Work
How does a lie detector use your body's natural stress reactions to pick the truth from your mind? Find out in this video from the Discovery Channel.
Human Body: Keeping NASCAR Drivers Cool
Temperatures can reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit inside the cockpit of a race car. Find out how the human body deals with such extremes in this Discovery Channel video.
Human Body: No Pain for Shaolin Monks
Intense training and mental discipline allow these masters of meditation to endure incredible pain and punishment. See their amazing acts in this Discovery Channel video.
Human Body: The Strength of Street Gymnasts
These remarkable urban athletes push their bones, muscles, and joints to the max. Learn how the human body is capable of such feats in this amazing Discovery Channel video.
Is It Possible: Out of Body Lung
Is it possible to keep lungs alive outside the body? Meet the scientists who are removing and refurbishing worn-out lungs before transplanting them.
Oddities: Pulling Teeth
Obscura customer Ann scores a great deal to assist with her artwork, which she creates from bodily secretions and other human products.
Planet 100: Examining Environmental Toxins
On this episode of Planet 100 we explore environmental toxicity, the many chemicals that reside in bodies. What are they? What are their effects on our health? And what we can do about them?
Running and the Human Body
The mere act of running places enormous stress on the human body. Check out this clip to learn more about the amazing function of the human knee.
Skin Care Tips from Dr. Oz: Wash Gently
When it comes to washing your face, a gentle touch is best. Dr. Oz explains why it's best to wash gently in this video.
The Brain: Meditation and Pain Control
Shaolin Monks are renowned for their incredible abilities. Their mastery of the art of meditation has enabled them to overcome debilitating pain. Check out this clip to learn how meditation changes the brain's activity and perception of stimuli.
Why Tell Me Why: Body Temperature
If our body temperature is usually around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, then why do we feel really hot and uncomfortable when it's 98.6 degrees outside? Discovery News' Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out.