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Assignment Discovery: Whale Lungs
Whales have relatively small lungs, but they are very efficient. They also hold oxygen in their muscles and release it slowly. Learn more about whale anatomy on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Bizarre ER: Pole in Pregnant Woman
While 8-month pregnant Jessie was cleaning, she fell over the second-story bannister, landing on a mike stand that impaled her in the chest.
Body Invaders: Pneumonia
Learn about the signs and symptoms of pneumonia and how a vaccine can prevent this condition in this video from the Discovery Health show "Body Invaders."
Climbing Everest: Taking Your Breath Away
Learn how supplemental oxygen helps Mount Everest climbers complete the climb and survive.
Climbing Everest: The Weatherman
Expedition expert Russell Brice describes the difficulty of predicting the weather on Mount Everest.
Corwin's Quest: Ethiopian Lungfish
On Animal Planet's "Corwin's Quest," Jeff Corwin unearths an Ethiopian lungfish. Lungfish cope with extreme dry conditions by hibernating.
Is It Possible: Out of Body Lung
Is it possible to keep lungs alive outside the body? Meet the scientists who are removing and refurbishing worn-out lungs before transplanting them.
Physician Ed: Corneal Transplant
For years, penetrating keratoplasty has been the gold standard of treatment when it comes to corneal transplantation. Watch as Dr. Deepinder Dhaliwal explains that new techniques are revolutionizing the field of corneal transplantation.
Physician Ed: Gene Therapy
Using chemotherapy and radiation to treat lung cancer is one of the most significant advancements in oncology. But these therapies have some potentially debilitating side effects, including esophagitis. Tune in and learn more with Dr. Joel Greenberger.
Physician Ed: Scoliosis Surgery
Watch as Adam Kanter, MD and David Okonkwo, MD explain a new approach to spinal surgery for patients diagnosed with complex scoliosis. Called XLIF, this new minimally-invasive procedure, accesses the spine from the side of the body.
Physician Ed: Sleep
Watch as Dr. Daniel Buysse discusses why it's important for physicians to engage patients in meaningful dialogue about sleep patterns and how patients diagnosed with insomnia may be able to address this condition.