Therapeutic Radiologist
Army radiologist using new equipment

A radiology specialist demonstrates new equipment at the Schweinfurt Health Clinic.

Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army

A therapeutic radiologist, also called an interventional radiologist, treats malignant disease, such as cancer, with radiation. This sort of radiation is used to both control and alleviate symptoms of the disease. While cancer is the most widely known use for therapeutic radiology, this specialist also helps stop abnormal bleeding, detects and treats blockages, treats aneurysms and can remove urinary stones.

Other procedures performed by a therapeutic radiologist include inserting feeding tubes and catheters, using ultrasound technology to look inside blood vessels, performing needle biopsies, placing stents and more.

As with practically all specialties, the Army says that when you become a therapeutic radiologist on the U.S. Army Health Care Team, you can join a ready-made practice with no overhead costs or malpractice insurance premiums.