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Activities for Kids with ADHD

Take a tip from Michael Phelps -- swimming is a great option for kids with ADHD.
Take a tip from Michael Phelps -- swimming is a great option for kids with ADHD.

Anyone who has a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) knows how difficult it is to get him or her to sit still for long periods of time - teachers, too. The bottom line: When you're looking for something for them to do outside of school hours, ditch the TV or video games in favor of activities that promote focus and discipline.

  • Karate chop: The practice of martial arts is a great outlet for a kid's energy. Exercise is always important for kids, but the level of concentration and immersion that martial arts provides can be really beneficial for someone with ADHD.
  • Puzzle it out: Carving wood, building models, figuring out the inner workings of mechanical stuff -- these are all activities that kids with ADHD tend to like. It's something new, it's something that works the hands and the brain at the same time, and it's fairly easy to focus because you have to.
  • Take a tip from Michael Phelps: Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps has ADHD, and swimming seems to have worked out well enough for him. Some team sports like baseball can be tough for a kid with ADHD because there's too much standing around. An outfielder may be tempted to just sit down and pick at the grass or start acting up. An activity like swimming or a sport with less downtime is a great fit for someone with ADHD.

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