Did you know that food addiction is very similar to drug addiction?


I've always contended that much of the reason why our nation is morbidly obese in addition to our culture of fast food and lack of exercise, is that we don't deal with the root of the problem. The emotional aspect of serious overeating has to be dealt with in order to combat the problem. And new data shows this to be true.

According to Food Navigator, research published in Archives of General Psychiatry, found that people with addictive eating behaviors "appear to have greater neural activity in regions of the brain that are associated with substance dependence, including elevated activation of reward circuitry in response to food cues, and reduced activation of inhibitory regions in response to food intake."

Chemicals released in the brain are also similar.

"Food and drug use both result in dopamine release in mesolimbic regions [of the brain] and the degree of release correlates with subjective reward from both food and drug use" said the researchers, led by Ashley Gearhardt of Yale University in Connecticut.