Steps to Changing Your Behavior
Khana Lacewell

Khana Lacewell, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, is a psychotherapist in Los Angeles, California. She is also an MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction) facilitator, and mind-body practitioner.

Photo Credit: Khana Lacewell

Khana Lacewell, therapist from My Mom is Obsessed, talks about the path to changing your unwanted behavior.

5: Know Yourself

Explore the possible origins of your unwanted behavior, as well as your motivations for change, through keeping a journal, mindful awareness or with a therapist or counselor. Be realistic about who you are and how you operate.

We cannot change every little thing about ourselves, so a little self-awareness can save us a lot of stress and frustration. Pick your battles, and know what motivates you - and what doesn’t. Don’t do a 30-day fast if you’re someone who wilts like warm lettuce and becomes homicidal if you don’t eat every three hours. Work out with a friend if you’re more motivated by spending time with others than going to the gym alone. Feeling competent reinforces healthy new behaviors, so do what works for you. Work with, rather than against, your strengths, abilities and natural disposition.