Why are we so fascinated by the Royal Family?
Will and Kate

Kate is known the world over as a fashion icon. The best-dressed lady in Britain, the clothes Kate chooses can make a designer's career!

Indigo/Getty Images

Oh, baby! A royal baby on the way is going to spawn (no pun intended) increased obsession and news about The Royals, whether we like it or not. Like sharks to chum, there is a virtual media feeding frenzy occurring over the baby news, just like there was about The Royal Engagement, and The Royal Wedding. Let’s face it, we just can’t help ourselves!!

We find ourselves Googling Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and, undoubtedly, if someone smuggled out pictures of the Duchess in the hospital they would be sold for millions and the whole world would look at them (even if we felt a little guilty about it). This royal fascination, or even obsession, is not a new one, and it is part of our thirst for more, more, more. So, what’s the deal with it anyway? Here are some psychological reasons: