From depression to schizophrenia, mental disorders vary greatly in severity and impact on daily life. Learn about the causes and treatments available for a variety of mental disorders.
This Is Your Brain on Love
The Science of Love Quiz

Love is all in your head -- your brain actually. Let's get down to the neurochemicals and physiology that release that swarm of butterflies.


28 Phobias and Their Definitions

Did you know that ailurophobia is a fear of cats? If you're afraid of it, someone's probably made up a goofy name for your phobia. Read our list of 28 phobias and their definitions.

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  • 10 Celebrity Meltdowns

    10 Celebrity Meltdowns

    While some celebrity meltdowns are the result of ego or eccentricity, others are the result of something deeper. Here, we've pulled together a list of famous meltdowns that may have had roots in mental illness or drug and alcohol addiction. See more »

  • 10 Facts About Hoarding

    10 Facts About Hoarding

    Despite a pathological attachment to things they can't stop collecting or discard, hoarders are stressed by their clutter and its effect on their lives. See more »

  • 10 Surprising Ways to Lose Your Mind

    10 Surprising Ways to Lose Your Mind

    Financial hardship. Work deadlines. A trip to Paris. Wait, what? A visit to the City of Light is enough to send you off the deep end? See more »

  • 5 Famous Hoarding Cases

    5 Famous Hoarding Cases

    From the Bouvier Beales to the Collyer brothers -- some hoarding cases are so notorious, they're remembered decades after the fact. What were five of the most famous? See more »

  • 5 Myths About Dissociative Identity Disorder

    5 Myths About Dissociative Identity Disorder

    Most of us have days when we don't feel like ourselves. However, some people with dissociative identity disorder feel disconnected from their surroundings, actions and themselves all the time. Learn the myths from facts here. See more »

  • 5 Ways to Help a Hoarder

    5 Ways to Help a Hoarder

    Helping a hoarder doesn't mean spending a long weekend with a box of trash bags and gloves. Instead, being part of the solution takes a light, nonjudgmental touch. See more »

  • Bipolar Disorder Overview

    Bipolar Disorder Overview

    One month you're so revved about life you give up sleep to enjoy it. The next, you're so depressed you can't get out of bed. Can bipolar disorder be treated? See more »

  • Bipolar Quiz

    Bipolar Quiz

    Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by mood swings, ranging from the lows of depressions to the highs of mania. Many famous people have had it. Find out what you know about bipolar disorder with this quiz. See more »

  • Does everyone have claustrophobia?

    Does everyone have claustrophobia?

    Maybe you don't like anyone sitting right next to you on the train, but you wouldn't call yourself a claustrophobe. According to some theories, we might all have a touch of claustrophobia -- even if it takes undergoing an MRI scan to provoke it. See more »

  • Hoarding Signs and How to Get Help

    Hoarding Signs and How to Get Help

    In the home of a hoarder, piles of trash might reach the ceiling, and stacks of newspapers so crowd the kitchen that cooking is impossible. Sleeping, eating and bathing may take place in such clutter that health suffers. How can hoarders get help? See more »

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