Great psychologists include famous psychoanalysts like Freud and Jung as well as lesser known psychiatrists. Learn how great psychologists have contributed to our knowledge of psychology.
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Watson, John B.

Watson, John B. (Broadus) (1878-1958), a United States psychologist. In Behavior (1914) and other books, Watson argued that psychologists, to be scientific, must study what people do, not what they say they think or feel.

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  • Sullivan, Harry Stack

    Sullivan, Harry Stack

    Sullivan, Harry Stack (1892-1949) was an American psychiatrist and a leader in the development of personality theory. See more »

  • Wagner-Jauregg, Julius

    Wagner-Jauregg, Julius

    Wagner-Jauregg, Julius (1857-1940) was an Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist who discovered an effective treatment for general paresis, also called syphilitic meningoencephalitis. See more »

  • Adler, Alfred

    Adler, Alfred

    Adler, Alfred (1870-1937), an Austrian psychologist, founder of the school of individual psychology. See more »

  • Baldwin, James Mark

    Baldwin, James Mark

    Baldwin, James Mark (1861-1934), a United States psychologist. He specialized in child and social psychology. See more »

  • Binet, Alfred

    Binet, Alfred

    Binet, Alfred (1857-1911), a French experimental psychologist. The Binet-Simon Scale of Intelligence (1905, revised 1908 and 1911), by Binet and Theodore Simon, was the first successful standardized intelligence test. See more »

  • Cattell, James McKeen

    Cattell, James McKeen

    Cattell, James McKeen (1860-1944), an American psychologist, had widespread influence on the scientific community. See more »

  • Clark, Kenneth Bancroft

    Clark, Kenneth Bancroft

    Clark, Kenneth Bancroft (1914-2005) was an American psychologist and educator. See more »

  • De Bono, Edward

    De Bono, Edward

    Bono, Edward de (1933- ), a Maltese psychologist, is considered by many to be the leading authority in the field of creative thinking and the teaching of thinking as a skill. See more »

  • Ebbinghaus, Hermann

    Ebbinghaus, Hermann

    Ebbinghaus, Hermann (1850-1909) was a German experimental psychologist who performed highly original work in the study of memory and association. See more »

  • Erikson, Erik H.

    Erikson, Erik H.

    Erikson, Erik H. (Homburger) (1902-1994), a United States psychoanalyst. Erikson, considered one of the world's foremost psychoanalysts, conducted significant research on the various stages of psychological development. See more »

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