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20 Cool Playgrounds

High Line (New York, N.Y.)
High Line Park is located in New York City.
High Line Park is located in New York City.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The High Line is less of a playground and more of a play space -- it's a park that will, when complete, span New York City's West Side neighborhoods, from the Meatpacking District through West Chelsea and Clinton/Hell's Kitchen.

The High Line is a great example of how an old space -- in this instance, an abandoned elevated train line -- can be transformed into a cool play space, for kids, adults and families, in the middle of a busy urban environment. Because it's on the site of an old elevated train track, the public park is 30 feet above ground. Its design is a combination of organic materials and concrete, a mix of urban and natural surroundings. The High Line is also an outdoor classroom, offering elementary level, year-round programs in nature, history and design as well as curriculum-enriching guides for inside the classroom.

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