Top 5 Winter Safety Tips for Kids
family poses with snowman

Sure, that snowman looks friendly now, but just you wait.

Jochen Sand/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Winter can be a magical time. It's a time when you can build snowmen, watch for reindeer, celebrate a new year and wish for valentines from your true love, all while sipping on delicious hot cocoa. But it's also a very dangerous time: Reindeer could very well trample everyone in their path, snowmen could come to life and take murderous revenge on humans, and Cupid could leave you with nothing more than a broken heart come Valentine's Day. Not to mention, that hot cocoa can scald the inside of your mouth.

OK, it's true that killer snowmen and runaway reindeer aren't the likeliest winter threats, but just because everyone's in a festive mood doesn't mean you can slack on safety. To ensure that your little ones survive the coldest season in one piece, take a look at these five safety tips. They're best read when you're snuggled up in a warm blanket with some cocoa -- provided that you blow on that hot drink first!