baby feet

The first year of life is full of wonder and growth. Take a look at development milestones in this article.


The following guideline describes the various physical, cognitive, emotional, and social developmental changes and milestones to be expected during the first year of life.

It is of utmost importance to remember that the timeline is approximate, not absolute. Each child develops at his or her own pace, and some stages may occur earlier or later.

Birth to 1 Month Developmental Milestones

There is significant growth during the first month of life. At this time, reflexive movements dominate, and infants have little, if any purposeful physical activity.


  • Weight decreases by 10% immediately after birth and returns to birth weight by 2 weeks of age
  • Gains 1 oz/day; 2 lbs/month
  • Length increases 3.5 cm/ month

Movement and Activity

  • Head droops without support
  • Limbs flexed
  • Purposeless movement
  • Grasps objects placed in hands
  • Sucks objects placed in mouth
  • Sleeps about 16 hours/day


  • Nearsighted; can see objects clearly 8-12 inches from face
  • Fixated gaze; cannot follow objects (like a doll's eyes)


  • Hearing is preferential to the female voice
  • Easily startled