triplets eating

Feeding multipes can be both easier and more challenging than feeding just one baby.


When it comes to starting babies on solid foods, guidelines for multiples are the same as for singletons. Here are some of the subtleties you may encounter:

  • Meal Prep: Since baby-sized portions are so small, some moms of multiples say it's actually easier to purée, dice, or cook for more than one baby at a time.
  • Tableware: At first, the hype on germs is enough to scare any mom of multiples away from feeding all her babies using the same bowl and spoon. But then you realize that your kids are all over each other anyway. So, as long as they're not sick what's the difference? See what your pediatrician has to say on the subject, then you be the judge.
  • Self-feeding: When multiples approach this developmental milestone, not only will they start picking up finger foods and spooning food into their own mouths, but you may notice them feeding their co-twins as well!
  • Bottles: Children typically transition off the bottle between 12 and 15 months. This can be a slippery slope with multiples, because seeing one baby with a bottle is enough to make the other(s) revert right back to wanting one, too. When your last baby is ready to give up the bottle, you'll be in the best position to say goodbye to bottles once and for all.