Human Reproduction
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A Conception Story: Amber's First Baby Photos
Video Entry #2: Amber and Ken have passed the first trimester and finally get to see photos of their little one.
A Conception Story: Christina's Gift and Curse
Video Entry #2: It's been a tumultuous month for Christina and Tony; once their dreams came true they were almost immediately shattered.
Amazing Families: Foose Dwarf Family
From the Discovery Health program Dwarf Family: Revisited, we see how the family has changed in the last 3 years.
Amazing Families: Harris Sextuplets
From the Discovery Health series Then Came Six, we meet the Harris Family. They have a 12 year old and sextuplets.
Amazing Families: Quads with 2 Moms
From the Discovery Health program Quads with 2 Moms, a lesbian couple wants to have a child, so they both get fertility treatments. The inseminated eggs come from one of the women. The women get pregnant at the same time and both are having twins.
Babies, Babies Everywhere: Birth of Triplets
Tracy and Ty Metzger had no idea how stressful being first-time parents of three would be. With the dangers of carrying multiple children, Tracy faces time in the hospital and the early delivery of their children.
Pregnancy: Dr. Bohn's Birth
After nine hard months, it's finally time for the birth of Dr. Yvonne Bohn's child. But when complications arise, a day of majesty can swiftly turn to tragedy.
Pregnancy: Pregnant with Eating Disorder
Body image has always been an issue for Beth, but living with an eating disorder while pregnant with her third child may prove to be the greatest challenge of her life.
Pregnancy: Skydiving Accident
Shayna miraculously survives a skydiving accident that ended with a face-first, 50 mph landing. As doctors assess the severity of her injuries, they also find that Shayna is pregnant.