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Guide to Being 38 Weeks Pregnant

What Your Partner Should Know

As you near the big day (hey, it could be today), one of the most important things for a partner to be aware of is this: Birth can be a very intense experience, and attending a class may not fully prepare you for the challenges of labor.

Hopefully, you have indeed taken a birthing class, and you know what both of you can expect during labor. Partners, keep in mind that your job is a real one. You're not a bystander; you're a crucial part of the process. So, if you're the birthing coach, you'll need to act like it -- and train for it.

Make room in your day to practice. Maybe schedule some time with the pregnant lady to go over the breathing, focusing and other pain-management techniques you've learned, because the hope is that once things get painful, they'll feel like second nature.

And now, some other things to keep in mind in week 38 …

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