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Teenage Health

Need health tips for your teenager or worried you have a troubled teen? Get information and advice on teenage health issues.

Female Teen FAQs

Do you have questions about your first period, menstrual cycles, sexual activity and more? Take look at commonly asked female teen questions to get informed.

Puberty: An Overview for Teens

Your body is changing; your moods may be unpredictable and sometimes even unexplainable. Don't worry. These changes during your teen years are normal. See what to expect. See more »

Teens and Substance Abuse

Many people first try alcohol or drugs during their teenage years. Learn more about how early exposure to alcohol can lead to more serious problems later in life. See more »

Helping Sleep-deprived Teens

If your teen's performance in school is lagging, insufficient sleep is might be the cause. Check out the facts about sleep and its effect on your teens performance. See more »