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10 Free Date Activities in the Great Outdoors

Walking the Dog
For a date, bringing along man's best friend is a no brainer.
For a date, bringing along man's best friend is a no brainer.

Let's face it: Chicks dig dogs. They love petting them, they love playing with them and they love doting on them. Showing that you're a responsible dog owner sends a woman the signal that you know how to take care of people. A woman. Her. Puppies are even better. An adorable, fluffy ball of fur is attached to an adorable owner (you). Show her how much you love your dog, and you're showing her the real you.

Put a leash on your pooch, and ask your girl to go on a nice, long walk. Because you'll have to pay some attention to your dog, that will give you something to talk about and make conversation easier between the two of you. Another benefit of walking your dog is that both of you get exercise too. Remember date idea #9? Endorphins!

To make it a little more special, take your dog to a dog park, where it can run around off-leash and play on obstacles. While the two of you play fetch with your dog, you can spend time talking with each other, which increases your intimacy levels.

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