Great Couples Sports
couple stretching sports

A healthy relationship and a healthy body can be achieved at the same time.


Research indicates the couple that plays together stays together [source: Jayson]. It follows that taking part in sports with your significant other can improve your relationship off the playing field. Not only will you bond over a shared activity or learn something new, you'll stay fit. And who doesn't love a fit significant other? Plus, you can take pride in reaching shared exercise goals and build teamwork skills that are so vital in relationships [source: Nichols].

A word of warning -- keep the coaching to a minimum. If you're already an avid golfer or if you are at home on a tennis court, resist the desire to tell your honey how it's done. Instead, buy him or her professional lessons as a gift. That way you won't turn a date into a lesson, which could leave hurt feelings on both sides.

So, what sport should you pursue? There are plenty of great options for exploring your athletic side together. Here are five ideas to get you started.