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The Male Reproductive System Channel answers your questions about parts of the male anatomy and how they function. Learn how the different parts of the male reproductive system work in this section.

Testosterone and Estrogen Balance in Men

Testosterone and estrogen are actually very closely related in the body, and maintaining the balance of these hormones is key to preventing health issues. Learn about proper testosterone and estrogen balance in men.

 PSA and PSA Testing

What are the definitions of PSA and PSA testing terms? Learn about PSA and PSA testing for monitoring prostate gland health. See more »


What is the definition of scrotum? Learn about the anatomical function of the scrotum as a part of the male reproductive system. See more »

How Male Puberty Works

 How Male Puberty Works

Male puberty marks one of the most awkward times in a boy's life. Learn what changes happen during male puberty and all about male puberty hormones. See more »

Are circumcisions really necessary?

 Are circumcisions really necessary?

Is circumcision necessary? Signs point to no, although there are valid reasons for circumcision. Learn why some think circumcision isn't necessary. See more »

 The Male Reproductive System

The male reproductive system consists of those structures in the male body designed to create life. Here are extensive details. See more »

 Blue Balls

What is the definition of blue balls? Learn what the slang term 'blue balls' means, how it is used and where it originated. See more »

 Circumcision or Not? A Matter of Personal Preference

Circumcision benefits are based on personal preference. Learn about the reasons to reconsider your circumcision preferences. See more »

 Premature Ejaculation

What is the definition of premature ejaculation? Learn about the causes of premature ejaculation and methods of treatment available. See more »

 Erection Self-test

This erection self test can help determine if you have an erectile dysfunction. Learn more about administering an erection self test from Discovery Health. See more »

Men's Sexual Health Questions Answered

 Men's Sexual Health Questions Answered

Get your sexual health questions answered here. Learn more about sexual health questions from Discovery Health. See more »