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Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction comes in many forms and can affect both men and women. Learn about sexual dysfunction and maintaining sexual health.

Natural Male Enhancements that Really Work (Plus Those That Don't)

Our Green Sex columnist ask what every guy wants to know, but none dares ask: Does natural male enhancement really exist? Learn more about natrual made enhancements that really work.

5 Tips for Improving Female Libido

A common complaint for many women is the loss of libido, or sex drive. While no one resolution exists, certain strategies can offer significant help for this condition and overall well-being. Learn about the causes and treatment of low libido.

What is the definition of asexual behavior? Learn about asexual behavior in humans and other organisms.

What is the definition of dyspareunia? Learn about how painful sex, also known as dyspareunia, can affect a person's sexual health.

What is the definition of impotence? Learn how impotence affects men, both physically and psychologically.

What is the definition of incest? Learn about the health risks and social taboos associated with incest.

What is the definition of nymphomania? Learn how nymphomania can damage sexual health and relationships.

What is the definition of sexual frigidity? Learn how social stigmas and terms related to sexual frigidity have changed in recent years.

What is the definition of a urologist? Learn about urologists who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of male reproductive problems.

Top 10 Natural Ways to Boost Libido

Do you feel like your sex drive just isn't what it used to be? Try one of these ten natural libido boosters before resorting to medication.

Erectile Dysfunction Overview

Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, affects more than 140 million men worldwide. It is estimated that only 10 percent of men affected by erectile dysfunction sought treatment. Learn how erectile dysfunction works.