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From propagating the species to consumer marketing, sexuality and attitudes toward it are constantly evolving. Check out an assortment of videos covering everything from conception to cigarette cards.

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100 Years of Selling Sex

Watch this video courtesy of Duke University showing why sex sells and how advertisers have used sex over the past century. In an example from the early 1900s, see how W. Duke & Sons used sexy, scantily clad actresses on its tobacco cards.

Watch this video courtesy of Duke University showing why sex sells and how advertisers have used sex over the past century. In an example from the early 1900s, see how W. Duke & Sons used sexy, scantily clad actresses on its tobacco cards.

100 Years of Selling Sex

What is it like to have a family dominated by one gender? 8 Boys Wanting a Girl is the controversial documentary that explores the debate surrounding child sex-selection and gender identity.

8 Boys Wanting a Girl: Being Thankful

What is it like to have a family dominated by one gender? 8 Boys Wanting a Girl is the controversial documentary that explores the debate surrounding child sex-selection and gender identity.

8 Boys Wanting a Girl: Willing To Try Anything

Tom and Vicki receive results from Tom's fertility test that are as optimistic as expected.

A Conception Story: A Bumpy Start

Becky and Steve faced many challenges on their road to pregnancy -- but, after more than two years of trying, the couple is expecting and will deliver in May.

A Conception Story: A Long Road With a Happy Ending

After suffering an early miscarriage, Bari and Chad are thrilled about their current healthy pregnancy and can't wait to meet their new baby in June.

A Conception Story: A Second Miracle

Sophia and Kyle are ready for their daughter Naomi. In preparation, they've decorated her room and filled her closet with adorable pink outfits.

A Conception Story: Already a Fashionable Baby

Video Entry #5: With two months left until their due date, Amber, Ken and Brady visit the doctor's for a 3-D ultrasound to get a glimpse of their baby girl ... and according to Amber, she looks just like Brady.

A Conception Story: Amber Awaits Arrival of Baby Girl

Amber isn't feeling as well as her first pregnancy. But, she's checking in regularly with her doctor and getting ready for the final weeks.

A Conception Story: Amber Faces a Rough Pregnancy

Video Entry #2: Amber and Ken have passed the first trimester and finally get to see photos of their little one.

A Conception Story: Amber's First Baby Photos

Video Entry #4: Just weeks after Angel finds out she is pregnant with her first child, the young medical student has a miscarriage.

A Conception Story: Angel's Unexpected Hardship

Vicki and Tom have undergone lots of testing and everything seems to be normal with them. Now, they have another two-week wait before they can find out if Vicki is pregnant.

A Conception Story: Another Two-Week Wait

Newlyweds Lisa and Matt were surprised at how hard it was to get pregnant. Now that Lisa is pregnant, the couple is anxiously awaiting the delivery date and making preparations for the baby.

A Conception Story: Baby on the Way!

Matt and Lisa's home is being renovated, they are off birth control, and ready to have a baby.

A Conception Story: Baby Ready!

After four months of trying to conceive, Lisa and Matt are thrilled to share their big baby news.

A Conception Story: Big Baby News

In just a few weeks Bari, Chad, and Lily will find out if baby #2 is a boy or a girl.

A Conception Story: Boy or Girl for the Hyatts?

Lisa and Matt realize that getting pregnant isn't as easy as it's made out to be.

A Conception Story: Can't Have Everything at Once

Video Entry #2: It's been a tumultuous month for Christina and Tony; once their dreams came true they were almost immediately shattered.

A Conception Story: Christina's Gift and Curse

Tom and Vicki faced many hurdles on their road to conception, but despite the obstacles, the couple is still hopeful for lucky number seven.

A Conception Story: Continuing the Journey

After months of documenting their journeys, the six women of A Conception Story share their most uncensored advice for women trying to conceive.

A Conception Story: Final Advice

Sophia and Kyle have just started trying for their second child. They are using monthly ovulation test to help their process of trying to conceive at the right time.

A Conception Story: First Month of Trying for Baby 2

Bari and Chad can't wait for the arrival of the baby. In the meantime, they have a lot to do.

A Conception Story: Getting Ready for the Baby

Heather and her family take a month off from soccer and visit Ze's family in Brazil. Seventeen weeks along, she shares her experience roughing it in Brazil.

A Conception Story: Heather Roughs it in Rural Brazil

Video Entry #1 - While Heather and Ze had no trouble conceiving their first two children, the couple is realizing getting pregnant a third time is not as easy. Find out how Heather is charting her ovulation and what she's learning in the process.

A Conception Story: Heather Tries for Third Baby

Video Entry #5: As Heather and Ze prepared for baby number three, they find out surprising news - Ze has a teenage son.

A Conception Story: Heather's Fourth Child?

Bari and Chad recover from an early miscarriage with a positive perspective on a future pregnancy.

A Conception Story: Hope and Loss for Bari and Chad

Teresa and Jason have taken the summer off from trying to have a baby. Now, they are back to trying as they prepare for their first round of IVF.

A Conception Story: Hoping for IVF Success

Becky and Steve go through their first IVF experience and are optimistic about the outcome.

A Conception Story: In Vitro Fertilization Begins

Bari tries a surgery that will make her two uterus one and hopefully increase her chances of pregnancy.

A Conception Story: Increasing the Chance of Success

Although Jason and Teresa didn't achieve a successful pregnancy in 2011, they are optimistic about what the future holds.

A Conception Story: IVF Plans for 2012

After months of unsuccessfully trying to conceive using intrauterine insemination, Sovanna and Kristen decide to take a new route to parenthood: Adoption.

A Conception Story: Kristen and Sovanna

Video Entry #5: After unsuccessful attempts at intrauterine insemination, Kristen and Sovanna take a different road to parenthood: Adoption.

A Conception Story: Kristen's New Adoption Story

Vicki and Tom head into the summer with the quest of Baby #7 in mind.

A Conception Story: Lucky Number Seven?

Video Entry #4: Mary and Mike have had a long struggle with infertility. Now they give IVF another try.

A Conception Story: Mary is Hopeful IVF Works

Dedicated parents Bari and Chad dream of the day when they can give their deaf 18-month-old daughter a sibling.

A Conception Story: Meet Bari & Chad

The last year has been challenging time for Becky and Steve - polycystic ovarian syndrome and early stage endometriosis have prevented the couple from conceiving their first child.

A Conception Story: Meet Becky & Steve

This newly married couple wants to have all their priorities in order before starting a family. They've bought a house, recently gotten married, and now are finishing up renovations before starting their conception journey.

A Conception Story: Meet Lisa & Matt

Sophia and Kyle faced every couples worst nightmare - a miscarriage with their second pregnancy. Now this young couple is rebuilding and trying to conceive their second baby.

A Conception Story: Meet Sophia & Kyle

Multiple military deployments and fertility issues have created challenges as Teresa and Jason try to conceive their first child together.

A Conception Story: Meet Teresa & Jason

Vicki and Tom are anything but the traditional American family. This blended family includes six kids, one big puppy, and a full schedule.

A Conception Story: Meet Vicki & Tom

Lisa and Matt prepare for parenthood by going off birth control and starting home renovations.

A Conception Story: Preparing for Parenthood

As Sophia and Kyle reach the second trimester complication free, they family starts preparing for the baby's new nursery.

A Conception Story: Preparing the Nursery

Becky and Steve have been hesitant to make any preparations for their baby, but now that they've reached their second trimester, they are going to start the nursery.

A Conception Story: Ready to Prepare for Baby

Bari and Chad went through surgery and are using fertility drugs in hopes of conceiving their second child. But these steps towards conception are putting the family on an emotional roller coaster.

A Conception Story: Roller Coaster of Emotions

While Jason and Teresa weren't successful with their first IVF cycle, this resilient couple is looking forward to future success.

A Conception Story: Seeing What the Future Holds

Sophia and Kyle and overjoyed to find out they are expecting a baby.

A Conception Story: Sophia & Kyle Expecting

Teresa and Jason recognize they face tough choices ahead on their conception journey.

A Conception Story: Teresa & Jason Face Tough Choices

Teresa and Jason are in the middle of their first IVF cycle. Things seem to be looking good for the couple, who remain cautiously optimistic about the treatment's outcome.

A Conception Story: The Big Wait

As Vicki and Tom enter the waiting period to find out if they are pregnant.

A Conception Story: The Waiting Period

As Sophia and Kyle's journey comes to an end, the couple is looking forward to the birth of their daughter, Naomi Skye.

A Conception Story: Valentine's Day Baby

From the Discovery Health series Then Came Six, we meet the Harris Family. They have a 12 year old and sextuplets.

Amazing Families: Harris Sextuplets

From the Discovery Health program Quads with 2 Moms, a lesbian couple wants to have a child, so they both get fertility treatments. The inseminated eggs come from one of the women. The women get pregnant at the same time and both are having twins.

Amazing Families: Quads with 2 Moms

Keeping your sea urchins calm and sedate on the way back to the lab is an important part of studying their fertility. James Williams finds out why.

Animals: Preventing Sea Urchin Orgies

Watch this video about the effects of aspirin on people's sex drive on HowStuffWorks. Researchers have found that aspirin changes a rat's wiring in its brain in the same regions that are involved with sex in human brains. Learn about aspirin and sex in th

Aspirin and Sex Drive

Don't believe in love at first sight? We'll show you how new research into brain waves proves that love really can last a lifetime. Learn more in this clip from the Science Channel's "Brink."

Brink: Valentine's Brain Scan

This Investigation Discovery video recreates an actual 911 call. What begins as a typical day soon turns into an emergency when a pregnant woman goes into labor and her husband must deliver their child.

Call 911: Going Into Labor

In this Investigation Discovery video, listen to audio from a real 911 call. A husband must help his wife deliver their baby in the bathroom of their home.

Call 911: Going Into Labor Audio

Research shows that those kids who had a frank talk about sex with their parents were more likely to follow their parent's rules. Even if you think they know your feelings on the topic, doctors say, it's important to say the words aloud.

Cleveland Clinic 2008: Have 'The Talk' with your kids!

A dangerous love triangle forms when the three participants begin heavily using drugs together. Tensions are high and it is only a matter of time before one of them meets their end.

Deadly Sins: Gluttony

Skye Hanson has an inflated sense of entitlement, and she's willing to kill her father in order to get what she wants.

Deadly Sins: Greed

If you don't come out of this clip thinking "Mike Rowe is HOT," well, we've failed.

Dirty Jobs: Hot-Blooded Host

Want some baby fish? Lean over the pan, position your female, find the gonads ... and start to gently squeeze. (Believe us, it's a sight you won't soon forget.)

Dirty Jobs: Making Babies

Learn how Kimberlie and her boyfriend Shane discovered her pregnancy in this web-only episode of Discovery Health's "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: Kimberlie: Part 1

See the conclusion of Kimberlie and Shane's story in this web-only episode of Discovery Health's "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: Kimberlie: Part 2

HALO, a private security firm, rescues an American girl who was kidnapped, drugged and sold into sexual slavery in Mexico.

Kidnap & Rescue: Goldilocks Found

A teenage girl living in the Southwestern United States sneaks out to a party ... and wakes up in Mexico.

Kidnap & Rescue: Goldilocks Gone

Watch as Buddy uses his Aunt Nina's roasted leg of lamb recipe.

Kitchen Boss: Roasted Leg of Lamb

Buddy's cousins, also known as the pizza guys, explain the importance of Italian food and family bonds.

My Strange Addiction: Addicted to Drinking Gasoline

Mary has taken her addiction to cat food to the extreme, consuming over 900 cat treats and several cans of wet food every day.

My Strange Addiction: Bursting with Flavor

Sheyla has spent over $250,000 on 22 surgeries to perfect her 38 Triple-K breasts. Doctors told her that she would die if she didn't take her implants out. She told them that she didn't want to live without them.

My Strange Addiction: Can't Live Without My Boobs

Bertha sips, shoots, and licks up to five bottles of nail polish a day. She prefers blue and glitter polish, but her mother prefers that she put a stop to this toxic addiction before it kills her.

My Strange Addiction: Can't Stop Drinking Nail Polish

Kristie's addiction to eating dirt is causing severe damage to her teeth. Will her doctor and family be able to convince her to stop before it's too late?

My Strange Addiction: Crunching on Dirt

Nathaniel comes clean to his father about his intimate relationship with Chase, a 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo. Shocked by the news, Nathaniel's Dad feels he might be responsible for this behavior.

My Strange Addiction: Dad, I'm Dating My Car

Nathaniel's psychotherapist fears that Nathaniel's intimate relationship with his car will harm him socially -- threatening not only friendships, but potentially his job as well.

My Strange Addiction: Dangerous Romance

Alicia has been addicted to smelling mothballs for 15 years, keeping them all over her house and even in her purse.

My Strange Addiction: Deadly Mothballs

Meet Buddy's main camera operator -- the guy responsible for following Buddy's every move on set.

My Strange Addiction: Don't Let Friends Drink Urine

Mary thinks her cat food diet is beneficial to her health, but a specialist tells her otherwise. The news really shocks Mary.

My Strange Addiction: Healthy for Cats, Healthy for Me

Mary's addiction to cat food leads her to consume over 900 cat treats and several cans of wet food every day. She can't help herself -- she just loves the crunchiness of the treats.

My Strange Addiction: I Just Love the Crunch!

27-year-old Nathaniel has been in a relationship with his car Chase for nearly five years, taking it out on dates, buying it gifts, and even getting intimate with it.

My Strange Addiction: My Car is my Lover

Andrea has been addicted to eating tape for 9 years and eats 6,000 feet every month. She's finally ready to confess her addiction to her best friend, Brendon, so she can get his advice.

My Strange Addiction: My Sticky Addiction

Bertha compares her cravings for nail polish to craving a pecan pie. Little sister Victoria is not buying it.

My Strange Addiction: Nail Polish Is Like ... Pie?

Kristie doesn't eat any kind of dirt. In fact, she's very particular when it comes to what type of soil she'll consume. Watch as she discusses some of her favorite and least favorite types of dirt to eat.

My Strange Addiction: Shopping for the Perfect Dirt

Planet 100 counts down the Top 5 strangest ocean-dwelling creatures with the most bizarre underwater mating practices. This is today's Planet 100.

Planet 100: Top 5 Underwater Sex Acts

The Police Women of Cincinnati bust a notorious drug and prostitution house and take the residents to jail.

Police Women of Cincinnati: Prostitution Bust

Long distance relationships can be tough, but this invention may make it easier to cope when you are separated from your partner. Find out how science is taking love to another dimension on this clip from The Science Channel's, "Pop Sci's Future of Sex."

PopSci's Future: Huggy Pajamas

Finding the right mate can be challenging. Can true love be found with a robot? Maybe, maybe not, but scientists are creating robots with surprising human characteristics and emotions. Learn more on The Science Chanrnel's, "Pop Sci's Future of Sex."

PopSci's Future: Robot Love

Imagine going out on a date without ever leaving the house. Find out how dating takes on a new dimension with the use of avatars and cleverly designed software on this clip from The Science Channel's, "Pop Sci's Future of Sex."

PopSci's Future: Virtual Dating

How can you tell if he really loves you? Is it really his kiss or could it be something more? Find out how science may hold the answer on this clip from The Science Channel's, "Pop Sci's Future of Sex."

PopSci's Future: Your Brain On Love

Watch this video from ScienCentral showing how scientists can reverse sexual orientation. By turning on a gene in the brain, scientists have shown they can reverse sexual orientation in worms. They did it to prove they could gain control of an organism's

Reversing Sexual Orientation

Watch this video about romance genes on HowStuffWorks. If the genes of a certain genome are present in two people, the potential for trouble in the relationship is greater. Learn about genes and romance in this video from ScienCentral.

Romance Genes

Majorie Orbin, bored with her husband, has an affair with a body-builder she met at the gym.

Scorned: Cheating Wife Bored With Her Husband

Looking for an escape from his "sterile" homelife, Craig soon falls under the spell of an exotic dancer named Summer.  And this blonde bombshell, has enough appeal to change Craig's marriage forever.

Scorned: Man Becomes Infatuated with Summer

A judge has an affair with a young law student.

Scorned: Older Woman Teaches Younger Man

Feeling insecure, Craig has a "routine" that he must follow with prostitutes in order to boost his confidence and virility.

Scorned: Prostitutes Boost Man's Confidence

Joan Shannon has a desire to kill her husband, and her daughter may make the perfect hitman. In order to make sure her plan comes together she'll have to feed her constant sexual needs.

Scorned: Sex Helps Wife Plan Murder

The Shannons may seem like the typical military couple, but under the surface they lead a different life. The "swinger" lifestyle soon becomes the outlet for their highly erotic needs.

Scorned: The Swinger Marriage

In the spring of 2011 we were rocked with three powerful scandals involving those of the political elite -- Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and John Edwards.

Sex, Lies & Power: Shocking Scandals

Did NASA ever conduct sex experiments in space? Is it even possible to have sex in space? Find out in this humorous video from the Discovery Channel's "Spaced Out."

Spaced Out: Sex in Space

In her early twenties Jeanne finds out that she was born with male chromosomes while having a female anatomy.

Strange Sex: Gender Issues

After 15 years of marriage, Monique and Nate can no longer live with their sexual issues. To enhance their sex life, they've enlisted the help of a sex surrogate.

Strange Sex: Sexual Surrogate

The Keszey brothers are thrilled when it appears that a pair of crocs have taken to each other and may start mating.

Swamp Brothers: Crocodile Love

After a storm creates a mob of mixed-up gators on a neighbor's farm, Robbie brings Stephen along to help sort things out including the onerous task of sexing gators.

Swamp Brothers: Gator Sexing

Science and technology may help us find true love. Kasey-Dee Gardner sat down with the Chief Scientific Officer for who explains how this is possible.

Tech: Science and Technology Help Find True Love

How long does the honeymoon period last, and what can couples do to keep the flames burning? Find out in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: After the Honeymoon Period

What are superbugs and what can be done to avoid them? Find out in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Antibiotics and Superbugs

Babies recognize their parents' voices in utero, and they instinctively prefer to look at human faces after they are born.

TLC Family Guide: Babies' Recognition

What is the difference between bacterial infections and viral infections? How are they treated? Find out in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Bacterial and Viral Infections

The challenges of raising children in an electronic world are discussed in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Balancing Time with Electronics

Why do some children bite and how should parents attempt to stop it? Find out in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Biting

Is it appropriate for children to be in adult environments? Cindy Reedy discusses the growing trend of parents bringing their children with them to adult functions and the importance of age-appropriate environments.

TLC Family Guide: Children in Adult Environments

Parenting Magazine's Josh Lerman discusses disappointment and the importance of letting your child know their skill set.

TLC Family Guide: Dealing With Disappointment

Parenting Magazine editor Josh Lerman offers advice on how turn your child's failure into a learning experience.

TLC Family Guide: Dealing with Failure

When should you concede if your child wants to come home from camp or a friend's house? Find out in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Dealing with Homesick Children

The role of gender in children's lives can be somewhat ambiguous until they are 6 or 7. They do not yet have a firm grasp of themselves or their place in their environment until that time.

TLC Family Guide: Gender Identity

Because the majority of a child's experiences center around the home and family, homesickness is a very real and valid feeling that may occur when he or she is away.

TLC Family Guide: Homesickness

Many relationships struggle during the first five years of marriage. Find out why and what can be done to keep a strong connection in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Infatuation and Relationships

Parenting Magazine's Josh Lerman shares practical advice on helping your child realize that imperfection is just part of life.

TLC Family Guide: It's OK to Fail

It is important for parents to set limits with their children, and help them learn to manage and accept common causes of temporary discomfort, such as hunger.

TLC Family Guide: Managing Temporary Discomfort

When should you take away a pacifier? Find out in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Pacifiers

Potty training is stressful for all parents but even more so for parents of multiples. There are, however, effective methods that you can use to make it easier.

TLC Family Guide: Potty Training Multiples

Most children will give parents signs that let them know when they are ready to go into public bathrooms by themselves.

TLC Family Guide: Public Restrooms

Early childhood educator Kimberly Flemke discusses new fathers' frequent changes in sexual attitude after the birth of a child and ways for new parents to star enjoying sex again in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Sexual Changes After Pregnancy

Find out what to do if your spouse pulls away sexually during pregnancy in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Sexual Changes During Pregnancy

Many new stepparents make common mistakes that further separate them from their spouse's children. Learn what topics should generally be avoided in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Step Parenting Don'ts

There are many positive and constructive ways for stepparents to help a new family adjust and build bonds.

TLC Family Guide: Step Parenting Dos

The challenges of marriage and tips to get through the first five years are discussed in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: The First 5 Years of Marriage

What is considered normal bed-wetting and when should a parent be concerned? Find out in this video from TLC.

TLC Family Guide: Wetting the Bed

Teaching children about commitment and being part of a team is an important part of parenting.

TLC Family Guide: When It's Okay to Quit

The male member of enormous dinosaurs like Titanosaurus probably reached 12 feet in length.

Tyrannosaurus Sex: Dinosaur Penis

A recent find of some amazingly well-preserved fossil dinosaur eggs suggests that dinosaur genitalia were more like those of crocodiles and not birds.

Tyrannosaurus Sex: Dinosaur Sex Organs

Massive dinosaurs like Titanosaur probably conducted gentle mating dances to minimize injury that might be caused by their enormous bulk.

Tyrannosaurus Sex: Heavyweight Courtship

Condoms are by no means a recent invention, and for most of its history the basic design has remained the same. So how will condoms of the future be different? Listen in as Tracy breaks down the future of condoms.

What is the future of condoms?

There are currently only five options for male contraception, and all of them leave something to be desired. But how far are we from creating  better male contraception methods? Listen in as Cristen breaks down the science of male contraception.

What is the future of male contraception?

In this clip from Discovery Health's "Yummy Mummy" Chef Jamie Kennedy talks about making foods more sensual.

Yummy Mummy: Learn What Foods are Sensual

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How to: Body Language

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Recent Videos in Sexual Health

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Recent Videos in Sexual Health

Sexual Reproduction Videos

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The Science of Sexy

Recent Videos in Sexual Health

Science of Sex Appeal: Mating for Life

Recent Videos in Sexual Health

Science of Sex Appeal: Biological Sex Appeal

Recent Videos in Sexual Health

Science of Sex Appeal: Attractive Facial Features

Recent Videos in Sexual Health

Science of Sex Appeal: Facial Symmetry Importance

Recent Videos in Sexual Health

Science of Sex Appeal: A Sexy Walk

Recent Videos in Sexual Health

Science of Sex Appeal: Sexy Voices

Recent Videos in Sexual Health

Science of Sex Appeal: Attractive Male Odor

Recent Videos in Sexual Health

Science of Sex Appeal: Female Copulance

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