The Distance Between Your Eyes

Ever wished your eyes were a bit farther apart or perhaps a tad closer together? Well, make up for what Mother Nature lacked by playing with the start of your eyebrows. To make them seem closer together, let your eyebrows begin slightly closer to the nose. To make your eyes seem farther apart, pluck your eyebrows so that they begin just shy of the nostril line [source: Grayson].

Managing Eyebrows

Because your eyebrows frame your face, it's important to put thought into their shape and style. To test-drive the look you want, draw over hairs you plan to remove with a light eye pencil. The pencil will essentially mask these areas, and you'll get a sneak preview of how different eyebrow shapes fit your face [source: Grayson].

To find where your eyebrows should begin, place a long and thin object, such as a pencil or cotton swab, vertically along the edge of your nostril. Your eyebrow should begin where the object hits the brow bone.

When you are ready to begin plucking, start on the bottom of your eyebrow and work your way up -- you'll want to keep the top of the brow line natural. To minimize discomfort, pluck brows after washing your face with warm water. The heat will open your pores, making hairs easier to pull out. Plucking hairs in the direction they grow is also less painful than the alternative [source: Cover Girl]. If you accidentally pluck too much, you can use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps. Just remember that you don't want to look like you've removed your whole brow and then drawn a new one on in its place.

After your eyebrows are the shape you desire, you can brush them into place with an eyebrow brush or even a spare toothbrush. You also can use products containing beeswax -- even moustache wax will do -- to hold any wily brow hairs in place.

Playing up your eyes can be easy. Perk up puny lashes by curling or applying a few falsies to make them really pop. Add just few coats of mascara, a perfectly groomed brow and presto -- all eyes will be on you. To learn more tips and tricks for enhancing your eyes, check out the links on the next page.