Young woman warms herself with a pick scarf

You should adapt your cleansing routine according to the climate.

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If you've lived in the same place for a while, then you probably have your skin-cleansing regimen down. When people find a skin care routine that works, they tend stick with it -- that is, until they find themselves in a different climate and their skin no longer behaves.

Think about the last time you went on vacation somewhere cold or humid. Your skin probably reacted somehow -- maybe it became dry or oily, or maybe it broke out. The point is that climate changes affect your skin and the way you should clean it. But knowing how your skin is likely to react can help you determine the proper skin care regimen [source: Anderson].

There are four different climates that can affect your skin: dry, humid, cold and warm. Caring for your skin in an unfamiliar climate may mean using different products such as a drying astringent or a moisturizing soap [source: Medicine Net]. A vacation or a change in season doesn't have to make your skin uncomfortable or cause you to breakout -- you just need to be prepared.

Keep reading to learn how to cleanse your skin in dry climates.