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Hair dryers are convenient, sure, but they're also not all that productive. Weaning yourself off of your hair dryer is one of the best improvements in your personal hygiene habits that you can make. Not only do hair dryers tear your hair apart and eat up electricity, but they're also huge collectors of dust and relatively dangerous to have around small children.

Did you know that a hair dryer, when on its hottest setting, will use heat that reaches above the temperature at which water boils? Imagine the damage you're doing on your hair and your scalp when you use this kind of force! It's true...these appliances are small, but they sure use a lot of power. Cutting down your hair dryer use will lower your electricity bill each month and help to better the planet with less needless energy used.

Hair drying isn't all that difficult to do naturally. Washing your hair before bedtime is a great way to dry it without exerting any effort. But, if you're like me, the hair dryer actually plays a vital role in your hair not appearing limp and lifeless. So if you do rely on the hair dyer for the full look you're used to-it's ok! There are still alternatives.

Let your hair air dry until it is almost completely dry. Then proceed to use the dryer for the rest of the wet hair. This tends to have the same effect as you would have if you'd hair dried it completely, but your hair actually looks shinier and healthier in the end because of this.

The little things that we can do to live a greener lifestyle are important! This is just one of those little things that you can do.