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Lots of people aspire to have shiny hair. This shouldn't come as any surprise. I mean, just open any magazine out there. Models and celebrities alike are glowing in their photographs with hair so shiny, it looks sun-kissed. To be fair, these people have a whole lot going for them on a magazine page that we don't have going for us in real day-to-day life. For instance, they've got expensive and private hair stylists...not to mention Photoshop. So what are 'regular' people like us supposed to do in order to obtain hair so shiny? And how can we do it without encouraging the production of harmful materials?

It's easier than you probably think. There are secrets to shiny hair in your house right now most likely. That means you can get the hair you want without spending any money and without contributing to the use of harmful chemicals and factories.

What you can do:

- If you have light hair, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to your hair and let it sit.

- If you have dark hair, do the same thing with apple vinegar.

- Regardless of your hair color, you can also run a teaspoon of honey through your hair when you are done washing it. Don't rinse this out! Let it sit and you?ll have shine all day long.

- If you've got eggs or mayonnaise around your house, start using them as deep conditioners. Work them into your hair, especially the ends, when you?re through with washing. Leave them in for 10 minutes or so before washing out.

- Make sure you eat a lot of Vitamin E-it makes your hair glisten! This means more nuts, wheat germ, and leafy vegetables.

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