I want you to ask yourself a question and answer it silently (so you don't feel the need to lie)...

Do you use too much product?

By too much, I don't mean too often. I'm talking about the amount of product you use. It could be shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mousse, makeup, eye cream, etc. Most people use far more than they need to when it comes to these sorts of products. By using more than you need, you're causing some green damage.

First of all, you're buying products more often than necessary and that contributes to pollution when you think about the production and transportation of the plastics, etc.

Secondly, you're contributing more to polluted water than need-be. That palm-full of conditioner you might be using gets washed down your shower drain each day and no matter how great our water filtering systems are; they aren't flawless.

Thirdly, you're probably damaging your skin and hair. I'll explain below how 'too much' can actually negatively affect your skin and hair.

Fourthly, you're spending more money than you need to! You could probably afford more organic veggies each month if you weren't buying triple the amount of lotion you need.

How much should you be dabbing on?

According to this month's Fitness magazine, the sizes are simple.

- Eye cream: The size of a mini M&M per eye. Too much clogs pores.

- Foundation: The size of an Altoid. Too much looks fake.

- Face or Hair Serum: The size of a nickel. Too much can irritate skin and make hair greasy.

- Shampoo/Conditioner: The size of a marble. Too much dulls and flattens hair.

- Mousse: The size of a golf ball. Too much will stiffen hair.

So do the green thing and use only what you need! Reducing is an important part of being eco-friendly.