From oily to dry, sensitive to normal, skin types vary greatly from person to person. Learn more about skin types at HowStuffWorks.
Do you know how to take care of your skin?

How can skin be oily yet dry?

Combination skin can be oily in some areas by dry in others, making moisturizing and cleansing a problem. Learn how to treat combination skin.

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  • 5 Differences Between Adult and Baby Skin

    5 Differences Between Adult and Baby Skin

    Is your bottom smoother than a baby's? We didn't think so. Are you suffering from diaper rash? We hope not. So why is the skin of these pint-sized humans so different from mine and yours? We'll give you five reasons. See more »

  • Baby Skin Information

    Baby Skin Information

    Contrary to TV commercials that depict them as perpetually soft and smooth, babies can have several skin issues in their first few months of life. But which ones really need treatment? See more »

  • Combination Skin Overview

    Combination Skin Overview

    Having combination skin can mean constantly fighting with different areas of your face that don't respond to same type of care. What can help bring this skin back into balance? See more »

  • Dry Skin Overview

    Dry Skin Overview

    Dry skin can be itchy, uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but you can make it a thing of the past by understanding what causes it and how to prevent it. See more »

  • How to Determine Your Skin Type

    How to Determine Your Skin Type

    Understanding your skin type is the first step toward a regimen that will result in a glowing complexion. What signs will tell you if you're oily, dry or a combination of both? See more »

  • Mature Skin Overview

    Mature Skin Overview

    As you age, your skin doesn't just wrinkle -- it sags, develops age spots, bruises easily and becomes more prone to certain diseases. So how can you slow the clock and fight the signs of aging? See more »

  • Oily Skin Overview

    Oily Skin Overview

    Oily skin is prone to acne and tends to have a constant sheen. Although you can't shrink your pores or prevent your skin from secreting oil, there are ways you can control your oily skin. See more »

  • Sensitive Skin Overview

    Sensitive Skin Overview

    If your skin gets easily flushed, itchy or irritated, you may have sensitive skin, but what causes this sensitivity, and how can you treat it? See more »

  • Test Your Knowledge: Skin Care for Darker Skin

    Test Your Knowledge: Skin Care for Darker Skin

    There are lots of myths about darker skin. Is it really immune to skin cancer? Does black really not crack? Take the quiz to find out! See more »

  • Ultimate Skin Type Quiz

    Ultimate Skin Type Quiz

    Skin types vary from person to person -- and season to season for some. Test your skin care knowlege and find out your true skin type with this ultimate skin care quiz. See more »

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