Dry skin conditions are a common problem for many people, especially those who live in colder regions and experience the winter season. Keeping your skin healthy is important for your well-being. This should be the most important reason to get your skin hydrated. I learned the secret of year-round skin care years ago. In just a few weeks, you can transform your dry skin into a healthy glow.

Dry, cracked skin is a direct result of a lack of water in the stratum corneum. This is the layer of skin which peels off after a sunburn. Protective oils in the stratum corneum are lost when skin is dry. When the stratum corneum dries out, it shrinks, causing dry skin and premature aging. In order to tackle dry skin you must first know the factors that cause the problem.

What causes dry skin?

There are many factors that cause dry skin. Most traditional soaps and moisturizers in mainstream stores contain harsh chemicals that irritate and dry the skin. It is very important to buy organic soaps and moisturizers that contain nutrients to hydrate and condition.

Environmental pollution is another cause of dry skin. This can be a tough one to avoid depending on where you live. However, you can help combat the effects of pollution by eating smart foods, drinking plenty of water to hydrate and remove toxins, and using organic lotion and oils to protect your skin.

The reason dry skin tends to be worse in the winter, is because there is a shortage of moisture (water) in the air, thus low humidity. Cold weather will dry out the skin, so it is important to apply more oils and organic moisturizers during the winter months. It is also beneficial to avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine if possible because they are diuretics, promoting water loss through urination and dry the skin.

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