Skin Moisture Zappers
woman standing in desert

What can make your skin as dry as the desert? Well, spending too much time in the desert, for starters.

Silva Otte/Getty Images

You do all the necessary things to ensure great skin. Not only do you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize regularly, but you also buy the newest high-end products. With all the time and money you've invested in skin care, it doesn't seem to make sense why your dry skin persists. But skin moisture zappers might be undermining your good skin care habits. Even if you're doing all the right things, some lifestyle and environmental factors can be undoing the good you do to your body's largest organ.

Most skin cleansing tips focus on products and treatments you can apply to the surface of your skin. But did you know that your skin's moisture depends just as much on nutrition as it does on lotions and body balms? What's more, some well-meaning things we do to our skin actually sabotage its moisture levels by stripping away essential oils and breaking down its protective barrier. Ready to defend your skin's moisture from the inside out? Read on.