Pumpkin Recipes for Your Beauty Routine

Don't just carve your pumpkins; use them in your skin-care routine, too!


It's that time of year: pumpkin season! Whether you buy fresh pumpkins for jack o'lanterns, sip pumpkin lattes or load up on pumpkin puree to cook with, you may be missing one of its forgotten uses: natural beauty booster.

Pumpkin tastes delicious and is packed with more than your daily dose of vitamin A, plus plenty of vitamin C and potassium. But it helps more than just what's inside. Its special blend of antioxidants and moisturizing texture make it the perfect product to use on your skin and hair. Not only is it packed with disease- and wrinkle-fighting ingredients, but it also smells heavenly and is safe for most skin types. Read on to get five great ways to use it in your beauty routine.