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Nail Health

Nail health is very important because nail problems sometimes indicate major health issues. Visit HowStuffWorks to learn all about nail health.

How Long Can Human Fingernails Grow?

You can grow your nails to some serious lengths, but would you want to? See more »

Quick Tips: Acrylic Nails and Your Health

Do you want long, beautiful nails but wonder what impact acrylic has on the health of your nails? Read on to learn if acrylic nails are bad for you. See more »

Nail Biting: Break the Habit Image Gallery

If you're a nail biter (or hair twirler or finger tapper), there's a good chance your habit started during childhood. Scroll through these nail biting photos to learn how to kick the habit. See more »

Brittle Nail Treatment Pictures

There are several brittle nail treatment options available to improve your nail health. See these brittle nail treatment pictures to learn more. See more »

At a Glance: Hangnail Tips

Hangnails aren't just irritating -- they can be downright painful. What exactly is a hangnail, and what's the best way to treat them? See more »

At a Glance: White Dots on Your Nails

Have you ever seen a white spot on your fingernail, and wondered if it was an indicator of a health concern or vitamin deficiency? Or maybe you've heard an old wives' tale. Get the real scoop on this common occurrence. See more »

Secrets Your Nails Reveal

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but your fingernails may provide a peek into the status of your health. See common nail issues and related health issues. See more »

What Do Your Fingernails Say About Your Health?

Have you ever taken a look at your fingernails? I mean a long hard look, noticing every crevice, ripple, and ridge. In fact, health professionals have long tied your health to the health of your cuticles. See more »

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is unsightly, embarrassing and most of all stubborn. Learn about techniques for correcting toenail fungus. See more »

Nail Fungus: Fast Facts

Get fast facts on nail fungus, and learn how the health of your nails can prevent, cause or signify disease and infection. See more »