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Empty Nest

Empty nest is a time for parents to adjust to children leaving the home. See tips and information on transitioning to a new lifestyle.

5 New Opportunities After the Kids Are Grown

After spending 17 -- or, in some cases, 40 -- years living with your children, it can be quite an adjustment for you when they become independent adults (the kind that don't live in your home.) Here are five new opportunities after the kids are grown.

5 New Opportunities After the Kids Are Grown

After the kids are grown, there are new opportunities available to parents. Explore these five opportunities after the kids have grown to get started. See more »

How to Have Fun After the Kids Are Grown

The kids are grown -- now what? Visit Discovery Fit & Health to learn how to have fun after the kids are grown. See more »

What are the stages of empty nest syndrome?

There are several stages of empty nest syndrome. Take look at the stages of empty nest syndrome and see if you have any symptoms. See more »

5 Ways to Deal with Kids Returning to the Empty Nest

Are your kids returning to the empty nest? Visit HowStuffWorks for five ways to deal with kids returning to the empty nest. See more »

Can marriage improve with an empty nest?

Will an empty nest improve marriage? Take a look at what may or may not happen once the children leave home and if an empty next can improve marriage. See more »

What is empty nest envy?

Empty nest envy is when a parent's children don't leave home, due to disabilities, or return home after they've left. What's behind empty nest envy? See more »

5 Tips for Adjusting to an Empty Nest

Empty nest adjusting tips will help you get through the transition of all the kids leaving the house. Take a look at some empty nest adjusting tips. See more »

Empty Next Syndrome Overview

Empty nest syndrome describes the depression that can result for a parent whose children are all out of the house. But is empty nest syndrome a myth? See more »