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Dr. Andrew Weil is considered to be one of the pre-eminent practitioners of integrative medicine in the United States. Though some doctors still dismiss the effectiveness of, what has long been referred to as, "alternative" medicine, with backing from several medical journals, the mainstream is finally catching on.

Our health naturally plays into the topic of dieting. Healing ourselves from the inside out requires that we put healthy food in our bodies. We have just emerged from an era that demonized fat. In an attempt to extricate any sign of the enemy, fat was eliminated from numerous common foods, including cakes and cookies! The end result was a nation of carbohydrate-loaded dieters who had supplemented steak for pasta and 1 regular cookie for 10 of the fat-free version. In hopes of reversing what was quickly rounding out to be an epidemic of overweight people, other extreme diets were created cutting out various elemental necessities from our daily food regimens. Dr. Weil acknowledges the latest craze of cutting carbohydrates and, with a laugh, comments that, like fat-free diets, "this too shall pass. There is no one category of foods that is good or bad. The challenge is trying to figure out which are better and which are worse." Of all of the diets out there, Dr. Weil considers the anti-inflammatory diet to be the "optimum" diet. Just remember, moderation is always key!