A nicer place to eat

Kelly Rossiter

I eat lunch at my dining room table every day with my book in front of me, clearing my mind of everything else. It is true that I work at home, but nevertheless this is a point in the day where I can put aside my writing responibilities, my piano studies, my housework, my family responsibilities. I can eat quietly and then, feeling refreshed, go about the rest of my day.

My husband, who also works at home, dashes down the stairs, wolfs down his lunch and then races back to work as though the entire internet depended on it. Sometimes he has a conference call and I have to deliver lunch to him at his desk. I can attest that this is not conducive to clear, calm thinking, or good physical health, or general feelings of well-being. It seems that he is the norm and I am not. People are spending less and less time taking lunch, and they often eat it at their desk, essentially forgoeing any benefits that a real break might give them.

Honestly, would you rather eat here at your germ laden desk.....

or here, in a park? And really, will your company come to a crashing halt if you choose to take your lunch and eat it outside?

As of June 23, you could change that and join Take Back Your Lunch which is launching a programme to encourage people to get outside to eat their lunch and take a break. The idea is that every Wednesday across America people will meet in a park and give themselves some much needed relaxation time. This whole thing was inspired by the book The Way We're Working Isn't Working: The Four Forgotten Needs that Energize Great Performance by Tony Schwartz. Just today in Canada, the Globe and Mail published the findings of a study that says that we are more stressed, less rested and have less time to spend with our children. This is an issue that is taking over all of our lives, and we might do well to rethink the way we do things. I remember last year when we were in Paris, my husband was astonished at the number of working people who were eating out for lunch at little bistros. Clearly, they have their priorities straight. If you are interested in finding out more, or setting up a meeting place in your city, you can check out their website, Take Back Your Lunch

Planet Green writers have always understood the importance of a lunch break. Here are some tips on packing a zero waste lunch, and some lunch accessories you can bring to the office. If you want to have some company while you eat, why not start a potluck lunch club at the office?

Here are some tips for taking healthy lunches to work. Make something delicious and simple like a chickpea salad sandwich, or clean out your fridge and make a couscous salad, or make some cornbread that you can heat up at lunchtime. Oh yes, and once you've packed the lunch remember to take it with you.

If getting lunch together is too much for you, then bring your own lunch boxes when you go to get takeout. If you feel that you aren't spending enough time with a loved one, then make a luncheon date to make the day feel special.