Ego-Boosting Exercises That Will Make You Look & Feel Gorgeous

Yoga can improve your mood and it can make you a more confident person.


Feeling a little ego-deflated? Pressure to be "perfect" and images of hyper-skinny chicks swathing the covers of magazines can be instant self-esteem depleters. And while intense sweat sessions might be a sure fire way to lose some weight, if you're hating every second of the process as you punish your body during uber-intense daily workouts, then order the salad at dinner as you drool over the steak, fries, and a chocolate chip cookie the next table over... what's the point?

Thankfully, you can make your workouts do double-duty, serving as modes to achieve above said "perfect" while simultaneously naturally boosting your confidence and making you feel gorgeous and strong- "flaws" and all! Yes, studies have shown that regardless of size or shape, people who workout feel better about their bodies than those who don't. Suddenly "perfect" isn't defined by a specific shape... but more a positive mindset and healthy attitude. But it's not just any old exercise that has the ego-boosting impact. Low to medium intensity cardio exercise, extended durations of high intensity exercise, and low intensity yoga have been proven to be the most beneficial confidence boosters. And here's the great thing- you don't need an energy-sapping treadmill, drive-requiring gym membership, chemical-infused cotton special exercise clothes, or resource-taking equipment... That's what's so great about exercise. It can be about the greenest and healthiest thing there is for your body.

Keep reading to learn 5 Ego-Boosting Exercises That Will Make You Look & Feel Gorgeous...Naturally!