Radojko Maksimovic/istockphoto


It's time to get those legs ready to strut along the ocean shore. But forget about hitting the gym. It?s too beautiful out to lock yourself up in a stale, sweat-soaked, electricity-sapping room. Instead, save earth's energy and use your own by suiting up in your best asset-flaunting green bikini and hit the beach for this quick outdoor green exercise routine that focuses on sculpting your legs.

Dale Dymkoski, one of Hollywood's top trainers who helps sculpt some of the most eye-catching bodies like the Pussycat Dolls, says that when it comes to working the legs, many women make one huge mistake: Avoiding Weights.

"The single biggest mistake women make with their workouts is to not strength train the lower body." Sure you might run or bike, but those exercises focus on aerobics and cardiovascular (heart) strengthening as opposed to focusing on the muscles in the legs. Not the same thing. Dale explains that "Sustained aerobic activity (like biking and running) breaks down muscle tissue. The more lean (muscle) tissue on the body the greater its ability to burn calories." Translation: you want to build lean muscle in your legs. Muscle burns calories. Calories burned equals fat singed equals a trimmer, slimmer body. And that's the point right?

Dale can't stress enough the importance of strength or "resistance" training, saying that "if you are not strength training in addition to exercising aerobically, then you are working very hard and slowing your metabolism down at the same time!" He equates it to driving your car with the gas pedal to the floor and the emergency brake on. Sure, the engine is working really hard, but the car is not getting very far.

Just because it is called "weight training" doesn't mean that you need weights. Green your exercise by using the weight you already have—your own! Dale is a big believer that using your own body weight and paying particular attention to form can produce gym-worthy results without ever stepping foot in the gym.