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Like to let off a little steam and shake your booty on the dance floor? Keep shaking it sister, dancing is one of the best full body, no-equipment-needed, sweat-dripping, calorie-blasting, slim body-making, naturally green exercises (not to mention the fun factor).

Obviously the workout can do wonders for the body. But what we love about dance is that it's a green exercise. Think about—no electricity-powered cardio machine, no bulky weight contraption, not even a special outfit is needed. Dance naked if you'd like or in your skivvies like Tom Cruise in Risky Business! It's a completely person-powered workout. All you need is music, which can easily be pumped through your ipod, or for the really daring—dance to the beat in your head or belt it out if you want. Rhythm, skill, music or not, dancing is an easy green exercise that is guarenteed to get your body in shape. And the great thing is, it's so much fun it hardly feels like exercise!

Need proof? Just look at the Dancing with the Stars celebrity contestants who can't help but trim down each season.

Jaana Kunitz, an award-winning ballroom dancer, performer, and choreographer, one of the most televised professional female dancers in the world, co-creator of Core Rhythms, and an ACE certified fitness instructor weighs in: "The whole idea behind dancing is to move your body from head to toe. Your feet are stomping, your arms are pumping, and your hips are shaking creating a full body workout. Physiologically, dance increases your heart rate and blood flow, not only helping cardiovascular health, but also burning fat. Dancing can actually burn as many, if not more calories as other more traditional exercises like running, lifting weights, or aerobics."

But it's not just about burning calories and singing fat. The repetitive movements of dance naturally strengthens and tones muscles, translating to both a slim and tightened physique.