Are you a morning person? Then embrace that time as your opportunity to exercise.

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Thinkstock

Ahh, January. The holidays are over, winter weather is in full force, and since you just noticed you've gained five pounds since Thanksgiving, you no longer allow yourself to drown your sorrows in Godiva. If you're jumping on the lose-weight-in-'09 bandwagon (along with, well, just about everyone else) then a fitness plan is a key element—but it doesn't have to mean signing up for a gym where you'll spend a lot of money and contribute to a whole lot of wasted energy. It's easy to get a green workout with a few basic supplies—many of which you probably already have in your home—and a few small changes to your daily routine.

We've listed a few of these techniques after the jump, but for even more green workout ideas, head over to Planet Green and the How to Go Green: Workouts guide. Your muscles will thank you.