how to energize a walking routine

Walking with a friend is just one great way to energize a walking routine.

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The first step in establishing walking as a lifelong activity is to incorporate it into your everyday routine. Even if you have managed to build walking into your life, however, you may still need to remember how to energize a walking routine from time to time.

This article offers several boredom-busting variations to your walking workouts to keep yourself from joining the all-too-ample ranks of the exercise drop­outs.

Variety is the spice of life. So whatever it takes to add variety to your walking routine, do it; it will help keep you committed to walking for a lifetime and make each walk more enjoyable than the last.

The novelty doesn't need to be as unusual as walking on stilts to do the trick (although some people do enjoy stilt-walking). You can try walking to music, walking with a friend or family member, taking a walking vacation, joining a walking club, participating in walking events, or adding other activities to your walking program. You may even want to try setting a walking record.

We'll begin by exploring walking with music or a friend on the next page.

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