how to plan a walking route

Finding the right walking route will not only help you burn more calories but may also make your walk even more enjoyable.

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One of walking's great advantages is that you can do it almost anywhere. To figure out how to plan a walking route, really all you have to do is step outside your door. But by varying the paths you choose to take, you can make walking that much more pleasurable -- and practical.

Regular, frequent walks provide an ideal opportunity to explore the area in which you live. Each walk can be an adventure, a chance to experience what's going on around you.

Even brisk walking affords you a good look at the sights around you. You can see the seasons change -- and treat yourself to all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells. Where you choose to walk is up to you. The range of choices is unlimited -- at least as far as space is concerned.

Maybe you're lucky enough to live in an area, town, or city that offers not just walking space -- every area has that -- but different kinds of space to make your walks as interesting as possible. We'll help you find the right route on the next page.

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