1-minute workout!

John Howard/Getty Images

No time to work out? Sorry, that's no longer an excuse. If you don't have a full hour to dedicate to your fitness program, at least do something... even if that something is just 1-minute of heart rate-pumping movement.

In that measly 1-minute you can sneak exercise into your day, burning off a few calories, engaging your muscles, and sending blood to your brain. It's like a free caffeine boost, minus the coffee. And the best part about it is that it's green!

Green exercises are the ideal squeeze-into-your-day work out options since you can do them in your immediate environment, wherever you happen to be--at work, home, even on vacation. You don't need to drive anywhere, you don't need to power up some electricity-leaching machine, you don't even need to put exercise clothes one! All you need is yourself.

Studies have shown that even short exercise spurts helps to increase blood flow, burn calories, and trim fat. Here is one of my favorite fast green exercise blasts that you can easily slip into even the tightest of schedules... and it only takes one minute!